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AY Office System: The Supreme Sofa Supplier in Malaysia

AY Office System: The Supreme Sofa Supplier in Malaysia

Shopping for a sofa is actually harder than it looks. There are so many criteria to consider, and especially since furniture are usually large-ticket items, we spend more time thinking about our options before actually buying a sofa.

AY Office System is the premium sofa supplier in Malaysia. We’ll give you our step-by-step guide in getting the best value for money! Not only will we help you make a decision, we’ll also give you tips on what to do with your old sofa too!

Sofa supplier in Malaysia

Usually, there are four immediate ways to approach shopping for your sofa:

1.  Buy A New Sofa Cover!

Instead of spending a whole lot of money buying a brand new sofa, some households choose to buy a new sofa cover for their slipcover sofa instead!

Think of a sofa cover as a shirt you can put on and take off from your sofa.

Sofa covers are also cost-effective. It’s cheaper to buy a new slipcover than it is to reupholster your entire sofa. When made well, sofa covers look as good as fixed covers! If you prefer this cheaper and more flexible options, check out AY Office System slipcover sofas! We’ve been supplying Sofa to Malaysians for over years!

2. Recover Your Old Sofa!

When it comes to certain kinds of furniture, slipcovers aren’t ideal. This is especially true for furniture with curvy or rounded features, as these can be difficult to measure accurately. In these cases, you might want to reupholster your sofa instead.

Recovering involves removing the fixed fabric cover of your furniture and covering a new one to it. Compared to buying a whole new sofa, recovering your sofa gives you better value for money.

One disadvantage of reupholstering your sofa is the transportation of your old sofa to the refurbisher. AY Office System runs a recovering service with top-notch service and convenience in mind! Leave an enquiry and leave it to us!

3. Trade In Your Old Sofa!

When it comes to high-ticket products like furniture and electronic devices, manufacturers and retailers sometimes offer trade-ins! This is a very valuable way to swap your old sofa to a new one and save some money in the process. 

AY Office System also offers solid trade-in promotions from time-to-time!

Depending on the furniture manufacturer or retailer, trade-in promotions differ, and you have to do some research to find yourself a good deal! Not to mention searching for a retailer with good designs, and a sofa that you actually like!

4. Buy A Brand New Sofa!

Buying a slipcover sofa would limit your design options. Reupholstering your sofa would give your old sofa a new look, but it won’t give you a brand new sofa.

Sometimes, despite all the alternatives, we just want to buy a brand new sofa, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Buying a new sofa would give you the greatest selection and freedom of design.

At AY Office System, we the Sofa supplier in Malaysia offer sofa types of all kinds, from the classic Chesterfield to modern Mid-Century pieces at our sister brand Urban Culture!

We hope this guide has given you some direction in buying your next sofa. Whether you decide to change your sofa cover, reupholster or trade-in your old sofa, or buy a brand new one altogether, make your choice at AY Office System! AY Office System has been the eminent sofa supplier in Malaysia for over years, contact us: 011-26698689/011-26698689     ayofficesystem@gmail.com